Monday, August 25, 2008

I’ve been a bad blogger.

As a subscriber to Marketing Profs emails, a couple of times a day, I get little bursts of inspiration, trend alerts and other bits of marketing news. Friday’s email hit me square in the jaw by asking in the subject line, “Would Your Blog Get an A?”

Mack Collier over at The Viral Garden blog has formalized a grading scale for corporate blogs, based on four areas:

1 - Content, what the bloggers write about (35 points)

2 - Comments, how many comments the blog receives, and how the bloggers reply to comments from readers (35 points)

3 - Posting schedule, how often and regularly new posts appear on the blog (15 points)

4 - Sidebars, the information contained on the sidebars (15 points)

So, how ‘bout that A?

The school kid in me would love to say, “yes! I always get As.” But, I’ve been a bad blogger…no updates in 13 days! So much for keeping content fresh and relevant! (Deduct 15 points, at least!)

Consider this my “mea culpa” moment, and on to the next topic!

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