Monday, September 8, 2008

The All-Knowing Facebook?!

A lot has been made over the recent Facebook redesign. I admit, it took me more than a few days to adjust, and to reluctantly embrace the ‘new’ Facebook. I’ve heard several reasons why the brains behind the fastest-growing social media site went for the redesign, one being that with all the applications cluttering users’ profiles, the new Facebook tames the clutter by corralling apps, interests, photos, etc. on their own tabs.

Another reason for the redesign – the almighty cash register – cha ching! With each new tab, the opportunity to put more sidebar advertising in front of the users is created. Thus, you can double and triple the amount of targeted ads each user sees in a given visit.

Which brings me to my point. Facebook has gotten incredibly savvy with positioning the “right” ads with each user. I like how for each ad I see on my profile, I can vote up or down, as if casting me as the Caesar to the cast of gladiators fighting in the Coliseum. Up: the ad is relevant to me – it, and ads like it, stay. Down: the ad goes away – poof!

But since when did Facebook become freakin’ omniscient when it comes to positioning ads?! I was amazed to find this ad for “personalized credit cards by Discover” staring back at me when I logged on…notice the incredible resemblance to my own Twitter profile image! Crazy coincidence, or...Yikes!!!

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